Who we are

In 1976, Carl Gage left a sixteen year career as a model maker for the Los Angeles county Museum of Natural History to start his own business, Bio Models Company, which specializes in the production of custom exhibit models for museum and aquarium displays.

A project at Marineland of the Pacific led to a special product we call PlastiKelp, plastic Giant Kelp plants (Macrocystis pyrifera) for use in aquarium tanks. Since then, we’ve added a variety of marine plants to our product line.

Carl’s son, Brian Gage, is now associated through his own company, Happy Fabricators, which now provides much of the production process of the plants.

Special attention is given towards high detail and realistic character of the subjects being portrayed and we strive to make products that will help to create an attractive display for visitors and a natural setting for animals in aquarium exhibits.

All items made in the USA