Sargassum algae occurs in vast areas of the Atlantic Ocean as free-floating rafts near the surface. Many animals take refuge in its protective tangle of golden blades and bladders.

Our Sargassum is priced per 100 grams (six pieces) which can be assembled in either strands or floating clusters. 100 grams covers a approximately 15″ x 15″ square. Dark colored Sargassum is also available. Holdfasts are not included.

Strand Assemblies:

BMC w leafy seadragon sargassum

sargassum 22222222

sargassum in strands


sargassum kkkk

Sargassum with weighted roc 1Artificial weighted rocks are also available for anchoring.

Floating Cluster Assemblies:


Sargassum 6pcsSix pieces of Sargassum is 100 grams.