Plant Characteristics

Important Characteristics of Our Products

1. Buoyancy – Most of our plants are buoyant either with plastic of low specific gravity or with a hollow capsule. Note: in some cases a strong current can force the plants to lay down.

2. Flexibility – Materials are flexible.

3. Durability – With care, the plants will last five years or more in water.

4. Color – Color is important! It is our goal to match the hue, intensity, and translucency of living plants.

5. Methods for anchoring to substrate – In many plants, we have threaded anchors available. With these, the plants can be easily installed and removed repeatedly for service or cleaning.

6. Note of caution – Most of our materials are heat sensitive, therefore, to avoid distortion we warn not to expose the plants to hot light or other heat sources.  When replacing long strands of Giant Kelp back into cold water from room temperature they should not be placed in the water coiled up since they might remain in a coiled shape.