Bladder Rockweed

Bladder Rockweeds grow attached to rocks, usually in tidal zones. They are conspicuously draped over rocks in clump-like clusters during low tides.

Our PlastiKelp model is sold per 30 cm long branched sections. It is dark brown in color with yellowish bladders; however, a solid dark brown or green color is also available.

Bladder Rockweeds at Sea Life Helsinki, Finland

Bladder Rockweed Type A webType A – Brown Color with Yellow Bladders

Bladder Rockweed 3 branch plants with TA7 n 8 webBladder Rockweed – 3 Branched Plants with Threaded Anchor Type 7 and 8

Bladder Rockweed Type B n C webBladder Rockweed – Type C/All Green Color and Type B/All Brown Color

Bladder Rockweed 3 branch plant with TA14

Bladder Rockweed with threaded anchor 14...

Bladder Rockweed Type C color 2 branch plant...