Lamineria Dentigera

Laminaria dentigera is an Eastern Pacific coast algae common in groups in lower intertidal to upper sub-tidal, moderately exposed areas. We offer two types of Laminaria dentigera.

Laminaria dentigera type 1 is a smaller plant with a single stipe. The standard plant has a 5″ (12 mm) stipe with a 12″ (30.5 cm) long by 6″ (15 cm) wide blade. Total length of the standard plant is 18″ (45 cm) tall. Extra blade length can be added. A threaded anchor and holdfast are included for anchoring.

lamineraira dentigera type 1

Laminaria dentigera type 1

Laminaria dentigera type 2 is a larger plant that comes with either a single or double stipe.

LD2 double stipe..

Laminaria dentigera type 2 Double Stipe

LD2 single stipe..

Laminaria Dentigera  type 2 Single Stipe



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